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All our clients start with an initial consultation. This is an opportunity to really understand what you are trying to achieve, what your motivations are for getting there and how we can help. Largely this is a listening session for us. It’s your opportunity to tell us everything you feel we need to know to help you get healthier and move you towards that goal. This consultation helps us both understand which of our core services are most relevant to you.

Our core services are:


for those who want help with every aspect of feeling and performing better every day.


for those who want help with fitness, food and physique.


for those who want help with only the food aspect.

This initial consultation is a no obligation, no fee appointment. Decide we’re not for you and thats fine, we can part ways here. But decide you like our approach and the next step is assessment.



Once we understand your goals and your context, we can start working our where you are right now relevant to that goal. If you aren’t assessing, you’re guessing. The key to success is individualisation. The initial consultation helps us to determine which assessments are relevant. At this stage, we agree on what we’re going to look at and carry out the appropriate assessments.

We have a standard set of assessments for each of our core offerings:



Once the assessment results are in, we can produce your review of findings and your personal programme.

In an ideal scenario, you will train with us at Thrive Barker Gate. The increased contact and coaching will help greatly with progress and adherence. But for those who’s geography prevents this, a consultation and remote coaching based programme is available. Technology has made it very possible to work with clients with very little physical contact.


Health Management clients receive the most comprehensive feedback available. A thorough assessment will have unveiled a richness of data that allows for a comprehensive programme to be devised for you. The nature of change, however, does not lend itself well to being bombarded with a complete lifestyle overhaul on day one. This is overwhelming and almost always leads to failure and regression. Our approach is to take it step by step. Addressing each of the key areas we have identified as needing attention in a coach-led order. It is hard to lay out for you a typical journey, as each person is so unique. Each person’s programme will aim to address the five key areas of nutrition, fitness, resilience, sleep and perspective as relevant to that person. This is the reason we ask for a six month commitment to the program. There is often so much to address that a commitment of time is needed to facilitate the pace necessary for permanent change. Rush the process and poor results ensue more often than not.


Personal Training clients who decide to train with us at our location in Nottingham will receive the same kind of custom nutrition plan as nutrition only clients, but also a completely individualised program written by our professional team of personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches. Our programs are comprehensive, truly bespoke, and written 9-12 weeks in advance. Our programs constantly evolve as you progress, ensuring that you’re always pushed to just the right level. Training with us is tough, but the coaches very supportive. Getting a decent return on time invested in training requires that the training challenge you. That can mean exercises and sessions you may not love, but really need to do. We don’t flog our clients to death, but we do our best to coach you to greater effort and output than you would ever get on your own.

Reassessment is ongoing every time you train at our exclusive facility with our coaching team.

That said, at the end of each 9-12 week program, its time to sit down with your lead coach and reassess. Life happens, things change and these reviews are a key part in making sure you stay connected with your goals, that we as a team are aware if the goal changes, and that we are always giving you the best experience we can.


Nutrition Coaching clients will receive a report and recommendations based on their results. The service has been crafted to produce results mainly in physique, such as fat loss and muscle building, both huge components of health. Clients also often report improvements in digestive function, sleep and mental performance.

You will receive a customised nutritional protocol, supplement protocol, and coaching in how to make the suggested changes in your life, and how to make them stick. You will see your coach for on average 8 appointments in 12 weeks. The programme will evolve as you progress. Each follow up appointment will include a body composition test, to accurately and objectively measure progress.

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