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This is our gold standard service. This package has been crafted to serve the individual looking to optimise their health and push performance to the highest possible level. Requiring a minimum 6 month commitment and offering very limited spaces, this product defines the word comprehensive. By using lab testing as the primary tool to take all the guesswork out of your nutrition, health, and fitness practices to help you lead your best life. With personal attention from founder Pete Edwards and access to our more advanced toolkit and network. Everything here is bespoke. Includes training, nutrition, supplementation and lab testing.


6 months of personalised programs of work in: • Fitness • Nutrition • Sleep • Resilience • Perspective • Option to train with us


Personal training does not quite do justice to the private coaching memberships available at Thrive Nottingham, the industry standard has been far surpassed by our team. Our coaching programs start with 2 hours of assessment before we even write your program. The assessment includes goal setting, needs analysis, metabolic profiling, strength profiling and energy system profiles. In short we do everything we can up front to ensure we train the person in front of us as well as possible. Detailed assessment paves the way for effective training, saving time and eliminating wasted effort. A truly professional and comprehensive service awaits you.


Everything in Nutrition only plus: • 2 or 4+ coached session per week (depending on package) • Nutrition, supplements, strength training and conditioning programs • Ongoing reassessment • Complete reviews at the end of each programme


Working on your nutrition is standard in personal training memberships. But some individuals want help with their nutrition alone, without the training aspect. Our nutritional coaching program caters to just that need. Starting with a detailed needs analysis and goal setting process, in combination with a metabolic profile, we are able to fully customise your nutrition to your unique body, your unique life, and your unique goal. The key to great nutrition is individualisation, we go to great lengths to get that right for you.


Weekly appointments and reassessments for the first 4 weeks. Appointments every 2 weeks for the remaining 8 weeks. • Body composition assessment • Coaching points • Updated programme • Final review

Looking for a shorter term goal focused solution?

Take a look at our targeted packages that focus on intense transformation of a specific area of your health.

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