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Full and detailed nutritional protocol
Comprehensive resources to support your efforts.

On average, RFL campers lose 5% body fat in just 6 weeks.


As the name suggests this camp is a short, aggressive protocol. It is not designed to be used as a long-term sustainable strategy. Rather, it is a sprint designed to help you drop a significant amount of body fat in a very short space of time.


The camp gives you everything you need to achieve this including a tough, progressive training schedule that focuses on full body metabolic weight training and HIIT. This type of training has a serious effect on the bodies metabolic rate and other factors relating to fat loss. It not only helps produce the desired result, but significantly improves fitness at the same time.


The second prong of attack is of course nutrition. The majority of fat loss results are determined by your nutrition. We give you everything you need to follow a simple but highly impactful nutritional protocol. Whats different about our approach is that even though this is a short term camp, there are three distinct phases of the nutritional protocol, each taking two weeks and preparing you for the next stage. Through sequentially staging the nutritional intervention we are able to produce an impressive result, with a near 100% adherence rate which is important, as adherence is often what determines the success of any nutritional intervention. Again it is important to underline here that the approach is far too aggressive to be used as a long term strategy, but works well for short term sprint like this one.


When the camp is complete you will receive a nutritional guide and a coaching session to help you know what to do next, so that you don’t regain what you lost. If it sounds interesting to you, please consider applying for the next camp, but first, let me just take a moment to tell you who the camp is for and who the camp is not for!


The camp requires you to train hard. No negotiations on that one. This does not mean your fitness has to be already at a high level. You can be a rank beginner, that's not a problem, we can help you with the fitness if you put the hard work in.


PLEASE NOTE: The RFL camp was designed for those people wanting to drop a significant amount of fat in a short space of time.
 Therefore, it’s hard and it’s restrictive. If you’re looking for a more sustainable and permanent change to your lifestyle, this product may not be quite right for you. We have many other ways of helping you towards a healthier life and longer-term goals, it may be better to speak to us about your options.

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